Good Evening, Dan Speaking

Good Evening, Dan Speaking

Good evening, Dan speaking.

Where am I? I’m on the sofa at home.

Why haven’t I written a blog entry in a while? Because I’ve been parked.

What do I mean parked? I mean, I’ve been parked. Everyone else has been driving up the road of life and I’ve just been sat here in the layby with the engine off.

It’s what happens when you get slack on your gratitude, you stop exercising, you don’t speak to people on the weekends, you lose sight of your goals and you forget why you’re getting out of bed. Y’know, a real existential funk.

God Dan that sounds like you’re a bit mental! Oh 100% I agree it does; a healthy body, mind and soul all need regular maintenance. Imagine you’re one big garden, yeah you, and all the positive things in your life are the beautiful flowers that fill your garden.

Now to keep those flowers beautiful and alive you must water them and sing to them, there’s maintenance involved. But wait, what if you don’t water them…the flowers start to wilt and new guests turn up in the garden….WEEDS goddamnit! Weeds need nobody to water them, nobody to sing to them and they thrive off neglect!

To cut this horticultural anecdote short I haven’t been watering my garden as much as I should have. Life can get stressful and tough and before you know it, life is living you not the other way round.

But here I am, back on the road of life. A few small tweaks and some good old fashion discipline are back on the menu and I’m back to it.

Forgive yourself if you stumble, life is a wacky ride and its so easy to lose your way sometimes.

Keep doing your best and be kind to everybody, including yourself.

Yours in cycling, and in living,


One thought on “Good Evening, Dan Speaking

  1. Life is a garden. So are the relationships we have. Those dandelion roots run deep. Be sure to uproot them gently. And, more importantly, thank you for the wonderful analogies. I certainly need to pull up my sleeves and grab the gloves and get on my knees to uproot those pesky weeds. Your friend always! Zephyr

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