Rule, Brittania!

Rule, Brittania!

Here we go again!

I’ve made a decision, a few days ago I announced a new adventure. Before this summer is over I will be pedalling the whole length of my motherland, Great Britain! The trip will see me set off in Land’s End Cornwall and arrive in John O Groats Scotland, but it’s the bit in the middle that tickles my pickle.

This is a well traversed route on the road but to be honest that’s not where I want to be. The roads in America had massive hard shoulders and I rarely saw traffic, however from my experience on British roads it’s a bit tighter and more congested. As a result, I’m heading off road!

Since I gave away my bike on the West Coast of America in July 2017, I haven’t ridden another. I still think about him before I go to sleep some nights, wondering where life has taken him. Last I heard he was day tripping around Oregon with his new owner. On top of that next to my TV back here in Essex I have the Brooks saddle that took me on the greatest adventure of my life to date, I can literally see it right now.

But enough of the reminiscing of good days gone by. I’m fitter, I’m badder and I’m sure as hell a liar, lol. In keeping with my journey a few years ago I won’t bother with any hectic training or trips to the lab for genetic engineering. I mean, I run once a week and eat all of my greens, so I’ll be in a similar position to last time.

I want to talk and talk and talk about this trip, but attention spans are attention spans, so I’ll leave it there for now.

Stay tuned for bike selection, gps selection, hammock selection, charity selection & date selection.

Yours in cycling once again,


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