Hello and welcome to The British Man

About the site:

This site is for the wanderers, the explorers, and the day dreamers.

More specifically, it’s a blog which follows an epic solo adventure 4,229 miles across the United States of America. The route is the TransAmerica Trail on which the valiant rider will cover scorched deserts, deep river valleys, rolling plains and formidable mountain passes.

What makes this blog different is that it will be a care free approach to long distance cycling. There won’t be laborious training sessions beforehand, there won’t be thousands of pounds/dollars spent on space age equipment and there will be no GPS.

There will be a map, there will be a compass, there will be a tent and there will be a note pad (and to make this blog work there will be wifi hotspots for iPhone updates).

About Me:


So to introduce the adventurer….it’s me, Dan. I don’t have the credentials to call myself an adventurer to be honest. I’ve worked in the US, the UAE and of course the UK, however I haven’t cycled off into the horizon with nothing but the possessions on my bike…but I’m about to.

This journey has always sparked my imagination and it is the summer of 2017 where the stars have finally aligned. My studies have finished, my rented accommodation has expired and my work contract has also finished. This means I don’t have one single external commitment and have the opportunity to focus on commitments to myself, so selfish!

So without further ado let’s get this show on the road! If you have any questions please ask away in the comments on each entry. I’m as new to this as you may be, but I will have a go at answering every single question!

Yours in cycling,