Lost Puppy

Lost Puppy

Hello again,

I’ve been relaxing for the past few days, It’s definitely felt weird and I’ve been a bit of a lost puppy.

All of this time I’ve had one goal, get the front wheel in the Pacific Ocean, and now I’ve achieved it I’m like wtf do I do now.

I’ve met more kind people in Florence. It’s another town where people have enough time to talk and also love to talk. Small town America is my favourite for that, because talking is my favourite hobby by far.

I’ve been trying to decide what I will do for the couple of weeks I have left in this country. I wanted to get a motorcycle and drive it back east, however the rational part of my head has said save it for another journey. I don’t want to risk breaking down or struggle selling it on the east coast. The remaining options I fancy are train or plane.

I’m also actively trying to eat less burgers as I’m not cycling everyday. I don’t want to do an Elvis Presley do I.

Yours in cycling,


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