Day 68 – Young Man Went West

Day 68 – Young Man Went West

Day 68 (July 7th)

Distance 48.85 miles

I woke up to clouds this morning and it was actually quite chilly. There were only 45 miles between myself and the coast and I was feeling a bit strange.

Long before I even started the journey I had imagined this moment. I had wanted to do this trip since university and one of the points I thought about the most was the part where I smelt the sea in the air and saw a horizon full of blue water.

For 68 days I’ve been on my own mission. Granted I’ve had my fair share of rest days but even on these days I was restless as I knew that I needed to get back on the bike.

Reaching the Pacific coast was like an approaching exam, every day in the run up I felt like I needed to do something to work towards it.

I cycled through a couple of towns and stopped in each one for old time’s sake. Soon enough the “Entering Florence” sign appeared and I knew I was close. I got into town but still needed to get to the ocean. I asked around and found out it was another 4 miles to the beach.

I honestly think my body knew it was the end of the journey as my knee was now killing me. I took my breaking body and my breaking bike to the beach. I made it to a big sand dune which was now the last hurdle between myself and the Pacific Ocean.

I started dragging my bike up there and it was tough, the bike was still heavy and the narrow tyres cut deep into the sand. The bonus this time is that it was the last struggle, the last climb and the last push across the finish line.

I got to the top of the dune and there it was, Ocean as far as the eye could see. No mountains, no forest, no open plains and no high desert, just bright blue sea!

I wheeled my bike down to the ocean after 10 minutes of just being and put the front wheel straight in the water.

There it was, the trip was complete. The back wheel in the Atlantic and the front wheel in the Pacific. I’m so glad I kept a daily journal as the whole middle bit seems a blur right now.

In the days/weeks/months to come I will continue this blog. There is so much to process as up until this point I’ve had back to back adventures everyday.

I’ve got another 20ish days in the states so the adventure continues, this is just one beautiful chapter.

The title of my Day 1 post was “Go West Young Man”, and it gives me great pride to say that young man did go west, and he absolutely loved every moment of it .

Yours in cycling, always,


13 thoughts on “Day 68 – Young Man Went West

  1. Well done, good sir ! Followed all your posts as you’ve been on this great adventure and glad to see the tent held up as well !

  2. Well done “Dan the Man” a great achievement and as you say the adventure of a lifetime. Some how I think it’s only the start.

  3. Well done my Boy….you done good! as the Yanks would say….what an experience….have a good chill out with the rest of your trip….you will never forget it and you will get free drinks forever on the stories xx Mum xx

  4. Dan, great job and great blog! Glad to have been a small part of your adventure. See you on LEJOG!

  5. Dan,
    Congrats on completing your epic journey!!!

    Zach and I enjoyed meeting you and hanging out at West Yellowstone. Crossing your path and following your daily blog reminded me how life ends up being a bunch of seemingly random, chance encounters that are way beyond planning, yet each one shapes the way we experience our world and has the potential to change us forever.

    Your steed may be buggered, but your soul must be soaring!

    1. Jay Hello!

      Thank you so much, i read through all of the comments and was taken aback by your message. I miss all of the seemingly random, chance encounters i experienced and really miss the daily adventures. It was brilliant to meet you both in West Yellowstone!

      Until next time

  6. Dan,

    It was quite a treat to have met you in Florence. You are a ROCK STAR! You’re such an inspiration to many. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and especially enjoyed listening to your stories at the bar. I hope you’re enjoying the road trip to LA in that Bronco! I’m back home in Central California(Fresno, along HWY 99). Let me know if I can help you with anything. -Jorge

    1. Jorge hello! Sorry for not responding sooner it’s been busy back home.

      It was brilliant meeting you all in Florence at the end of my journey. So glad you enjoyed the stories, i’ve continued telling them back here to anyone that will listen long enough haha!

      I look forward to bumping into you on my next adventure!

  7. It was a pleasure running into you at the end of your journey in Florence. You had some great stories and I’ve enjoyed reading up on your adventures on this blog. I was tired and sore after a 4 day tour. I can’t imagine what it feels like on day 68. Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to a similar journey in the future.

    1. Jason hello!

      It feels like a lifetime ago since i completed the trip but i have the most amazing memories from the whole summer.

      I’m already looking at what i want to do for the next trip, i think i’m addicted!

      See you next time my friend.

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