Pass it on Dan

Pass it on Dan

Oh today was a good day!

As you’ve seen on this trip I’ve been on the receiving end of unlimited kindness. Places to stay, showers, meals, beer and support have all been given to me every single day and I’m forever grateful that I got to meet everyone I met.

I’m overflowing with kindness and this trip has been a massive eye opener as to the importance of it. Today was the day I could finally pass some of it on.

Yesterday I chatted to a girl working in a bar and she mentioned that she was saving up for a bike of her own, today I gave her my bike.

I have really loved my bike as you could probably tell from my photos where he is in every shot. He was an inanimate object that came to life for me, and I wanted someone else to enjoy him as much as I have. You never know, maybe he will come back to me one day, the universe works like that I think.

I also gave my tent and roll mat to a retired bloke who spoke about going out into nature to do photography, now he can set up camp when he gets there.

Being able to pass kindness on felt amazing, jeeze I’m in love with that feeling!

I want to finish this post with a particular quote I like and have seen in action so much over the past few months.

“Kindness is twice blessed. It blesses the one who gives it with a sense of his or her own capacity to love, and the person who receives it with a sense of the beneficence of the universe”.


Yours in cycling,


6 thoughts on “Pass it on Dan

  1. Bloody awesome Dan. It may come back just like the muesli lol you never know. It will be interesting to know where the bike goes ! Probably a lot further than the muesli hahaha. It’s been grand keeping up with your blog and this is truly a fit and fine ending.
    Well done Dan 👍🏻

  2. Hi Dan what a fantastic ending to a great journey. I am so proud of you you are an amazing person. I will miss your crazy updates but look forward to you coming home. Well done again xxx

  3. and there was me, thinking the tent would end up residing in the Ultimate Outdoors Hall of Fame…
    Nice gestures…

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