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First Confession Already…

First Confession Already…


Perhaps you noticed around the site where I mentioned a 3,400-mile journey (now updated), well the maps just arrived from the States and the journey is in fact 4,300 miles. I know what you’re thinking and my excuse is that I must have misread it the first time around, but what’s 900 miles between friends?

Interesting Fact:

The longest part of the UK (Land’s End to John O’Groats) is approximately 600 miles. So, distance wise I was out by about 1.5 x the length of the United Kingdom. I’m such a sausage.

Anyway, that’s sorted now, I’m just going to up my daily mileage a little bit to make sure I make it to the Pacific Ocean within my 90-day visa.

On the subject of distance, I came across the image at the beginning of this post and at first sight it put a small brown onion in my cycling shorts…

This is the little baby UK (obvs the Republic of Ireland is missing) inside the gigantic USA. I didn’t really understand the scale of this jolly and from seeing how massive the US is I am honestly a bit nervous. But its just like eating an Elephant ain’t it, one bite at a time.

Next on my agenda is reviewing the maps that came in the post today. These are going to be my most valued possessions over the summer, so I want to spend some time alone with them and make sure I can in fact read a map. I will let you know how I get on!

Yours in cycling,