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A Stranger To Danger

A Stranger To Danger

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This is a public service announcement, this is not a test.

These are the top 15 dangers of cycle touring from conversations I’ve been having over the past few weeks.

  1. Dogs
  2. Bears
  3. Wolves
  4. Acts of God
  5. Potholes
  6. Trucks
  7. SUVs
  8. Getting lost
  9. Geezas from Horror Films
  10. Strangers
  11. Gluten
  12. The weather
  13. Human predators
  14. Night time
  15. Day time

From reading the blogs of people who have traversed this route, I’m actually rating Dogs at the top of my personal “danger” list.

Long story short, I read a first-hand account of a person being chased down a lane and ripped off his bike by a pack of German Shepherds and mauled (on the same route as the one I’m going on!?). Luckily his friend was there to use his own bicycle as a weapon to battle the dogs. After being dragged around like a carcass this bloke escaped with gaping wounds in his shoulder and thighs and required “911”.

Now that petrified me, so I had to immediately research what to do WHEN I land myself in this situation.

The following list is advice I gathered online, so if you’re in a scary dog related situation remember the following:

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