Day 20 – Deer Town

Day 20 – Deer Town

Day 20 (May 21st)

Distance 37.12 miles

Climb 3,500 ft

So today I woke up and left the Abbey and started the climbing.

This is the first day that I’ve considered selling my bike on the side of the road. The climbs were never ending and around every bend you could be sure there was another hill.


In total I climbed approx 3,500ft and finished the day at around 9,000ft above sea level. At this height the air is thinner and I’m always short of breath on the bike.

I made it to a quirky western town called Guffey, which is ironic as there were such strong winds today. The one man that officially offered accommodation was out of town so we headed to the restaurant to formulate a plan.

As soon as we were in the restaurant a lady that worked there called Karen came over to chat to us. It turns out not all heroes wear capes as Karen (who was cape-less) offered us a place to stay at hers. Zingerrrr!

She told us to follow her car up a hill through the town and I suddenly had a bit more pedal power in me. By this point it was dusk and the town was now inhabited by loads of deer, it’s also worth noting it was bloody freezing.

I made it up the hill, pushing that last 100 metres as my tank ran empty. At the top was an incredible lodge, and as I walked inside I felt the heat of the fire hit me.

I got a lovely hot shower, a coffee and a comfy sofa. Karen you darling!

Yours in cycling,

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