Day 24 – Hoosier Daddy!?

Day 24 – Hoosier Daddy!?

Day 24 (May 25th)
Distance 28 miles
It was a big day on the journey, I made it 11,539ft above sea level to Hoosier Pass! It’s also the highest I’ve been on land, apart from that one time at a party, buts that’s another story for another day.
The weather was perfect, blue skies and deep snow. The climbing however was less than perfect, the whole time I was gasping for air and was even pushing the bike at a few points. Nevertheless I made it to the top and it felt great to be up there!
I imagined this moment for so long before now, seeing other cyclists having their photo taken with the sign on their blogs as a badge of honour. I realised the dream!
I stayed up there for an hour enjoying the moment and refuelling then I began the rapid descent down the other side. I came down 2,000ft in 10 miles and didn’t pedal once. It felt like being back on a motorbike, actually, why didn’t I do all of this on a motorbike?
Camping by a river tonight with snow covered mountains as a back drop, this is adventure.
Yours in cycling,

2 thoughts on “Day 24 – Hoosier Daddy!?

  1. Enjoying the reading ! Great to see how you are progressing… but a bit confused over all of these tiny towns you talk about. Not even sure which state you are currently in !!

    1. Hiya Malc! I’m now in Wyoming but I will try make it clearer as I plod through the rest of the journey. Cheers mate!

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