Day 66 – The Last Pass

Day 66 – The Last Pass

Day 66 (July 5th)

Distance 51.35 miles

So today was the day I climbed over the final pass, McKenzie.

It was a hot day and the climb seemed to go on forever, every corner revealed a new part of the endless trail upwards.

In time I reached the summit and the lava fields, i’ve never seen anything like it, black rocks covering the whole landscape it was like another planet.

I took my last “summit photo” and it’s the last time I will be at this altitude on the journey. I took a moment to reflect as I looked over the lava fields, this journey has been incredible honestly. But now is not the time to look back, I’m not at the Pacific coast yet!

I want to set the scene right now as a contrast to how I started this journey.

All of my clothes are beyond filthy, my shoes stink of damp, I have a slow puncture that I’m pumping up a few times a day instead of repairing, my front mud guard snapped off, Im overdue a shower, my brakes are shot to bits so I’m flying down hills and my chain has no oil on it.

But honestly I wouldn’t change a thing, I’m definitely ready to make it to the coast now but what an adventure it’s been!!!

Yours in cycling,


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