Day 8 – Thank the Lord

Day 8 – Thank the Lord

Day 8 May 9th

Cycling time 4:59

Distance 44.0miles

Average Speed 8.6mph

Max Speed 32.1mph

Another good days riding and also a coffee shop visit! I spent about an hour and a half in there getting a few bits done and catching up with people back home.

The coffee shop bloke told us that a weather front was coming in and would be followed by 4 days of rain. As he said that spits of rain hit the window lol.

Leaving the warmth of the coffee to face the rain and cold wasn’t easy, and I almost asked if there were any temp summer jobs in the shop.

The rain came down alllllllll day, I thought I came for a sunshine trip!?

I stopped at a Presbyterian church at the end of the day to ask to sleep on their lawn. No one was in so I couldn’t ask, but the Lord told me Yes, so I pitched up (thank you Lord).

Tomorrow night I’m getting a hotel, a motel or a Holiday Inn. Bun this weather.


Yours in cycling,


4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Thank the Lord

  1. Just caught up on all this skinner! Hope you’re doing ok and keep smashing it! Sounds like a monster adventure. Keep pedalling away bro.

  2. Hi Dan,hope youre still pedalling strong and out cycling those pesky hounds! Will you be crossing the Native American Lands,if so try and get a visit to one of the reservations….a proud and honest indigenous population and very interesting to visit!

    1. Hey Ma,

      Still outpedalling those dags. Stay tuned for a blog post on my first encounter with Wolves, you’re going to love it! X

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