Day 1 – Go West Young Man

Day 1 – Go West Young Man


Day 1 May 2nd

Cycling time 4:06

Distance 34.79 miles

Average Speed 8.4mph

Max Speed 23.7mph

I made it to Yorktown Virginia yesterday evening and spent the night in a motel. It took me a few hours to reassemble the bike as I added clip-less pedals and an odometer. Luckily the bike made the journey unharmed!

This morning I disposed of my bike box and suitcase in a skip outside the motel then went for breakfast. The gang working in the restaurant gave me a free OJ for good luck lol.

I made it down to the waterfront for the traditional dip of the back wheel and met an old bloke called Tom who was kind enough to take my photo whilst his Golden Retriever sat in with me.

After that the day was a blur, getting the bike up hills is so tough but these aren’t even hills really!

It’s welllllll windy tonight and the ground was too hard for pegs, so I’m almost certain that the top layer of my tent is going to blow off this evening. I’ve covered it in rocks and sticks so fingers crossed.

The day is won but this is going to be a tough journey.

Yours in cycling,



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