Mic Check 1 2. Let’s start this adventure!!

Mic Check 1 2. Let’s start this adventure!!

  • Move out the flat – check
  • Finish job – check
  • Park car up – check
  • Get bike packed up-  check
  • Have witty small talk with check in lady about cycling across America – check
  • Hand over the bike and ask the baggage bloke to please be careful – check

This weekend was lit so rushed I thought I’d have so much more time, but here I am waiting to get on the plane trying not to think about what I may have forgotten.


My next communication will be stateside where I finally get to see what all this cycling malarkey is like.


I’m checking into a hotel tonight to get everything ready to rumble and also to get some rice for the road.


Just about to board, wish me luck!


You’re in cycling,


4 thoughts on “Mic Check 1 2. Let’s start this adventure!!

  1. Thrilled to meet Dan The British Man this morning as we hosted his cross-country kick-off. After a hearty Breakfast at Bojangles in Yorktown Va , we wished him safe travels and look forward to following his adventure!
    Ride Safe ! and come back to see us again !

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