Day 12 – Kindness and colour from a Viet Vet…

Day 12 – Kindness and colour from a Viet Vet…

Day 12 (May 13th)

So the mission today was to make it back to Charlottesville in time for the train tomorrow. The route back was 120 miles over the mountains so we rented a truck and loaded the bikes on the back. I might get me a big truck when I’m back in the UK, they’re fun!

Once in Charlottesville I drove the truck to the rental shop and expected to cycle to the train station after. I was lucky as when I got there the bloke actually dropped me off at the station!

We chatted the whole way back and this old fella was incredible. A Vietnam veteran with some unbelievable stories and a colourful life, really inspiring and I was glad to have met him. I hope my life has even half of that much colour.

As he drove off he put the window down and told me, “you know, it’s legal out there”, what a lad.

Yours in cycling,



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