Day 3 – Ricky Bobby

Day 3 – Ricky Bobby


Day 3 May 4th

Cycling time 5:55

Distance 56.65  miles

Average Speed 9.5mph

Max Speed 30.5 mph

Here it is gang, a good day finally! The last two days have been a struggle more mentally than physically. A part of me thought that this journey would be a couple easy hours cycling each day down paraded streets with everyone cheering me on. In reality the days have consisted of sharing roads without hard shoulders with monster trucks billowing black smoke.

I woke up in the bush this morning where I had slipped down the hill. I didn’t set off until gone 9am as I was starting on a busy commuter road.

This morning I made a decision to off load some weight, here’s what I chucked into a skip:

Roll mat

Metal mug & cook tin

2 t shirts

2 vests

1 pair of shorts

The bike is much more manageable now, but my nights may be a bit more uncomfortable lol.

The brooks saddle I bought is doing its job, no sign of farmer Giles if you know what I mean.

I encountered 5 dogs today and outrun 4 of them! In one instance I stopped for water and saw a massive one about 50 metres off the road heading straight for me. Despite the load on the bike I got from 0-20mph quicker than you could say “Ricky Bobby”.


I rode through some funny towns including Bumpass but couldn’t find a sign sadly.

When I made it to an old mining town called Mineral I headed for the fire station. I was praying they would let me stay on their lawn and the fireman confirmed my hopes. What a relief! He told me “cyclists normally set up near the outhouse as its close to the washrooms and the power sockets”. After two tough days I could have cried honestly, he probably thought I was mental.

To top it off as I set my tent up an old bloke drove over and we had a chat about where I was headed and where I was from. He told me that he and everyone else in Mineral will pray for me and keep me in their thoughts for a safe journey to Oregon.

As I write this I’m in the Main Street restaurant with a full belly surrounded by people. The storm has stayed outside and I’m warm and dry, today was the best day.


Yours in cycling,


8 thoughts on “Day 3 – Ricky Bobby

  1. Around 60% of your body heat disppears through the ground at night, so that’s why a roll mat is preferred. So you may find things a bit cold at night unless you lay something under the bag…
    Keep those updates coming !

    1. Malc I can now verify that 60%, I have been absolutely freezing at night, the only bonus with the rain in the evening is the cloud cover. Perhaps I will go but a new mat haha.

  2. Glad to hear you are ok, you do make me chuckle, reading your blog. Keep safe and Kevin Casey said you need to do 80 miles a day to reach destination in 3 months. Happy cycling

    1. Hiya Frances, those cycling glasses you all got me are out of this world! Easily top 5 most important item I’ve got even if I do look like a dork in them! Say thanks to Kevin, this loaded bike combined with the Appalachian mountains is keeping me well below 80 a day. Need a divine intervention i reckon! X

  3. Dear Dan
    As I read this I am sitting in my warm kitchen hoping that you are ok and will remain safe for the whole journey! I will think of you always,keep pedalling….very fast at times! And enjoy! xxx

  4. Loving your posts keep them coming. I’m a bit worried about you getting rid of your roll mat. Take care and keep cycling!!! Xxx

  5. You’ve gotten off to a very strong start! What is your alternative to eat out of now you have chucked away your cook tin? lol

    5 dogs in one day?! Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer springs to mind! All them hours spent watching that on tv back in the day will come into great use throughout your journey by the sound of it haha!

    80 miles a day sounds extreme. Roughly 60 miles a day with 15-20 rest days will get him there well on time! Only day 3 and 56 miles in one day. Well on course for victory!!!

    Keep up the great work mate! Look forward to reading more of your journey!

    Enjoy the ride!

    1. Hiya Matty,

      I was actually carrying two cool tins so I was a dork in the first place haha.

      And yes Cesar Milan taught us well, be the Alpha!

      See you in a few months brother X

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