Day 4 – A Tumble and Tinnies with my Name on

Day 4 – A Tumble and Tinnies with my Name on


Day 4 May 5th

Cycling time 5:40

Distance 53.96 miles

Average Speed 9.5mph

Max Speed 33.3mph

I waited out a storm before packing up the tent meaning I left around 10:30am but more importantly I left dry.

Nothing to report cycling wise however I had my first tumble! I was about to head over the crest of a hill but wanted an approaching truck to pass ┬áme before I went over it so I slowed down. The truck took longer than expected to a point where I was balancing the bike at a stand still. As a rookie I didn’t unclip and just fell over LOLZ. Luckily I fell to my right down a grass verge, no damage and myself and the driver laughed. What a sausage.

Towards the end of the day I began looking for a place to stay just outside Charlottesville and clocked a bloke cycling a fully loaded touring bike so went over to chat with him.

His name is Aurel from France and he’s cycling to Oregon same as me! I’m telling you the world works in mysterious ways, I really wanted to find people doing the same thing as me and here you go!

We decided to look together and unfortunately were rejected from all the churches lol. As we cycled away from the most recent rejection I saw a fire department truck pull up outside a house. Low on options I went to go and ask the lady getting out.

Long story short this lady phoned a friend, got us a place to stay, gave us a couple ice cold beers and $20 to get dinner at a BBQ place she recommended.

Her name was Emily and her friend was called Helen, and I’m so grateful that we came across them! I hope you both have a glance at this, in which case Thank You!! My first impression of Charlottesville is that I love it and the people are wonderful.

First shower in 4 days and I’m now as clean as a whistle!

Yours in cycling



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