Day 49 – And Breathe…

Day 49 – And Breathe…

Day 49 (19th Jun)

Last night I met two off duty coppers in a bar, it was a hilarious night and they wouldn’t let me pay for a single drink. They offered to take me shooting on Monday and I really hope it happens, shooting guns is so American damnit!

I ate lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant which made me want to visit Vietnam and then I wandered around town.

I heard about a bar that had 50 beers on tap so strolled over there to have a look. I ordered a drink and a bloke heard my accent so came over. I was chatting to him for a while and then I noticed his tattoos…swastikas and general Aryan race themes, oh great in such a nice town I meet the one nazi. He also had a front tooth missing which was kicked out during a fight on a reservation.

I managed to slip away and took a walk down to a place with live music. When I sat down outside the waiter walked over and said that a drink had been bought for me and pointed over to the buyer, it was the bloke that owns the hostel I’m staying in. Cheers Chris mate!

Today was so relaxed and there is something I really love about Missoula, Montana.

Yours in cycling,


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