Day 48 – Lucky Launderette

Day 48 – Lucky Launderette

Day 48 (18th June)

Jesus I slept 2 hours last night and woke up wet, cold and stressed.

I went to withdraw cash last night before bed and it turns out that the prepaid card was empty lolz. Then I got locked out of online banking and then I couldn’t phone them as it was out of office hours. It’s all resolved now but I was so aggy as I had about 3 dollars on me.

At 5am I got up and headed back to McDonald’s for a coffee, as I cycled there a sprinkler came up out of the ground and sprayed me with a fresh coating of cold water, I had to laugh because that was just fucking typical haha.

I managed to check into the hostel and went to the launderette to wash my clothes properly for the first time on the trip, before then I was using shampoo in hotel sinks. In the launderette a man came over to chat and it turns out him and his wife are touring as well! They invited me out for dinner and I accepted gratefully. Whilst my gear dried I went for a haircut and got food. The girl working at the launderette helped me and didn’t even charge me, so I bought her some flowers.

I had dinner with with Nolan and Ileana and we shared tales from the road. They actually spent years in the UK through Nolan’s military service, and that’s how they clocked I was British and not Australian back at the launderette. On a side note 95% of people I chat to guess I’m Australian.

The good fortune continues and I’m a firm believer in synchronicity now.

Yours in cycling,


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