Day 47 – Towns are like Toilets

Day 47 – Towns are like Toilets

Day 47 (17th June)

Distance 87.68 miles

Average 11.8mph

Total pedal time 7 hrs 22 mins

Being the honest John that I am I went to the camp reception this morning to let them know I pitched up late last night. As as I wasn’t even able to get into the toilets for a Brad Pitt I half expected a reduced rate…she charged me the full $18 for my 10 hours there, haha cheers then!

I wanted to make it to Missoula today which was another 80 miles away, but after a 100 mile day I now looked at 80 as a stroll in the park.

There were 5 towns on the journey which is unheard of as I’m normally in the arse end of nowhere, I ate in each one as it’s just a habit to stop in civilisation now. A town is definitely like a toilet, don’t pass one without using it, you never know when you’re going to come across one again.

One town before Missoula was Lolo and I considered camping here, however I didn’t like the place so around 11pm I headed off on the 7 mile cycle path to Missoula. I planned on finding somewhere hidden to get some sleep and check into the hostel early the next morning.

I wanted a hot drink before bed so went through the McDonald’s drive through. The woman on the speaker asked if I was on a bicycle so I said yeah I was. She said she wasn’t allowed to serve people on foot through the drive through so I assured her I would pedal up to each window, didn’t even chuckle did she.

I found a hidden spot but couldn’t set the tent up there so I used the sheet from my tent as a waterproof blanket, it stopped the rain but I got drenched in condensation anyway. I’m feeling drained right now so I’m calling a break in play and taking a few days in the hostel to recharge. I need to wash my clothes, dry my tent and get out of this constant rain.

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