Day 55 – Is that on warranty?

Day 55 – Is that on warranty?

Day 55 (25th Jun)

Distance 43 miles

Another leisurely start this morning after getting bananas and water loaded onto the bike.

Before the main climb of the day I came across a lad pushing a buggy full of gear, he was walking across America for charity!

The funniest part of this is that he bought a new stroller from a shop and it had a warranty, so once he reached a town where his buggy was beat up he exchanged it for a brand new one haha! Logan all the best mate, you clever sod you!

I got the climb out of the way slowly but surely, it’s was another day in the mid 80’s and I can’t hack it. You might be thinking “he was moaning about the rain and the cold last week!?”, but I’m British so it’s my God given right to moan about the weather.

I had a steady stream of sweat flowing down my face and by the end of the day my face was covered in crystallised salt.

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