Day 54 – Dan Vs Food

Day 54 – Dan Vs Food

Day 54 (24th Jun)

Distance 41.6 miles

After a strong 10 hour sleep I woke up to clear blue skies. Before I checked out I got on the wifi outside the restaurant and the woman popped out and told me to come in for a drink before I left. I had a Coke and they didn’t charge me which was lovely of them. They even put ice in my water bottles so it was the best campsite I’ve been to in forever.

I left late morning and made it to a town called Kooskia on the Nez Perce Reservation. I had trouble finding the café so asked a lady who was out the front of her house. She came over to the gate and told me how to get there. She was listening to The BBC on her phone so we joked how a British presenter had appeared before her eyes, I knew I had a newsreader accent.

She invited me in for a cold drink which I greatly appreciated as my iced water bottles were already warm. Thank you Beth!

Next stop was the café and for the first time on this trip I over did it on the food. I ordered two burger and chip meals and they were BIG portions. I ate them both and was loving it, my error was getting on the bike immediately after.

Straight away I had a 2,000ft climb in 90 degrees Fahrenheit heat. About halfway up I was in a bad way. Each burp had a rumble of sick in it, I was getting stomach pains and I was so full I couldn’t take deep breaths, like there wasn’t space for air in my body haha. I had $20 of food in my belly so it would have been a real shame to chuck it up.

The feeling lasted for the rest of the climb and across the prairies until I made it to Grangeville Idaho. Once I got into town I got a slush puppy to cool my belly down and it was like medicine.

I learnt a lesson today, no Man Vs Food straight before a hot climb because you will hit a wall.

Jheeze it’s 8pm and I could do with another burger.

Yours in cycling,


One thought on “Day 54 – Dan Vs Food

  1. Dan’s Day 54, Lily’s Day 18: Business as usual waking up after a restful 8 hours of sleep to fresh, cool and crisp mountain air. Cafe shift today and in walks a bloke, like so many crazy 😜 blokes I’ve seen and met working in Syringa at Syringa Cafe/River Dance Lodge. Sweaty, road dirt, and those tight bike shorts commerh again. All this guy wants in a coke. So I ask what he’s doing-and he confirmed his craziness. Who the hell cycles across America? Well, The Only British Man named Dan. Of course he could not pass up this little slice of heaven and a few laughs, as with a nice wool blanket. Sleep tight British Bloke. You need your energy. It was such a pleasure meeting you. And thank you for making this girl in the middle of nowhere laugh! I’ll always remember it, and you!

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