Day 53 – Butterfly Ganglands

Day 53 – Butterfly Ganglands

Day 53 (23rd Jun)

Distance 72.5 miles

Unbeknownst to me I had 70 miles of no services to do today, whaaaaaa I wanted to take it easy!

I got a few more snacks and headed off. It was the most beautiful ride along the Lochsa river and I was surrounded by towering fir trees on all sides.

Along the whole route there were swarms of butterflies and they were fearless honestly. At first I thought it was random but no, these butterflies were going out of their way to crash into my face. I’m ashamed to admit it but one butterfly ran me off the road. I moved my head to avoid his kamikaze attempt and is I did I lost my balance, next thing I knew I was exiting the road off the lip of the hard shoulder.

These butterflies were menacing, they hung about in gangs around pools of water and I even saw them banging in the middle of the road. I was shocked and appalled.

Apart from that I landed in a shit town with one bad restaurant, one bad waitress and no camping. I cycled another further 7 miles and was back in the land of good.

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