Day 63 – Bird is the Word

Day 63 – Bird is the Word

Day 63 (July 3rd)

Distance 40 miles

The brewery last night was brilliant, they are just starting up but they showed me around and I had fun!

I left Mitchell at 2pm after a double cheeseburger from the café. Before I went I also got my beard cleaned up by Pat, who is also handy with a blade as well as all his other trades. Anyone praying that I would chop the whole beard off, not today!

Today saw me climb my penultimate pass, Ochoco. It was a decent climb and a warm feeling seeing the sign telling me I made it to the summit.

I set my roll mat next to the lake, I’m not even using the tent anymore. I watched the sun set over the lake and as it did I could see eagles gliding high above me. One actually came down and looked like it was ready to grab dinner, so i got the camera out. As luck would have it as soon as I pressed record he circled around, dive bombed and caught a fish in his talons. It was a real Planet Earth moment and I was laughing about my good fortune. Have a look on my Instagram for the video.

After the sun set the bats replaced the eagles and some frogs also came out. The frogs were making such a racket as I tried to fall asleep so I threw a few rocks into the darkness to try put them off, it didn’t work.

It’s another clear night and the universe looks beautiful.

Yours in cycling,


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