Day 29 – all you can eat

Day 29 – all you can eat

Day 29 (May 30th)

I set my tent up beneath a wind chime so woke up in a trance/meditative state.

Today is Memorial Day in the states remembering those who have served the nation I believe. What it also meant was a $5 all you can eat BBQ across the road, OohRah! I lost count of how many hotdogs and burgers I had.

There was also live music and I got to hear Ring of Fire, so in summary it was a very American day!

An early start tomorrow so I’m tucked up in bed. The roll mat is dreamy.

Yours in cycling,


One thought on “Day 29 – all you can eat

  1. hello da, dapper dan from Singapore here, been following your adventure, very jelouse at times, keep up the blog fella, never easy to write every day, you may get some inspiration from my few tales of the golf monkey stuff below 🙂

    Be safe and beers one day in the future again – dapper dan

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