Day 30 – Hurdles of life

Day 30 – Hurdles of life

Day 30 (May 31st)

Distance 65.44 miles

I set off around 9:30am this morning. I can now confirm with absolute certainty that I’m solar powered. I cannot physically get out of bed until the sun has heated my tent up. Either that or I’m just cold blooded, depends who you ask lolz.

There were no pesky headwinds today so I was bang bang on the pedals. I could have gone even further but found a decent campsite so pulled over.

The original campsite I checked out wanted $32 plus tax so I was like nah. The woman told me there was another site down the road I was on so I took her word for it. Turns out it was on the next exit of the interstate.

This left me with two options:

1) Go back on myself to get back on the main road and to the next exit.

2) Get myself and my bike over a barbed wire fence and through a field.

I chose option 2, making sure not to catch any hanging fruit as I jumped over.

I kind of think the woman knew she gave me the wrong directions, but no harm as I do hurdles for breakfast.

Yours in cycling,


One thought on “Day 30 – Hurdles of life

  1. Hi Dan
    Pleased to hear you are still pedalling and now in Wyoming, well done, at least it should be warmer there!! Although, we noticed that there was more snow in Yellowstone, than last time we went, the park rangers said there had been more this winter!!
    We are now in Salt Lake City, (100 degrees here)going out to Bonningville salt flats tomorrow, then making our way down to Vegas.
    Keep safe and have a great time.
    Angie and Trevor
    The Couple from Rayleigh, Essex xx

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