Day 38 – Goat Encounters

Day 38 – Goat Encounters

Day 38 (8th June)

Distance 26 miles

Due to the distance between open camps I decided to take a shorter day today, I don’t want to be wild camping in the national parks.

I made it to the camp around 1pm and headed for food. At the camp grocery store I found loaded jacket potatoes and potato salad. I ate sooooo much potato.

Next stop was wifi so I went to the restaurant. It was closed but the lobby was open so I looked through the window to see how to get in. I saw a familiar face in there, it was Goat! He hitchhiked a lift and was camping there as well. That’s 3 times in 3 days bumping into this legend!

So far he hasn’t had to use the rape alarm I gave him so that’s good news.

I relaxed for the rest of the day and caught some beautiful scenes in the National Park.

Yours in cycling,


7 thoughts on “Day 38 – Goat Encounters

  1. Hey Dan !
    I miss you body, hopefully see you again
    I’m at Lima Montana..
    Nice to meeting you..
    Take care

  2. Great reading as I’m chilling with a glass of vino in the garden. Keep going and shave that facial hair 😘

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