Day 42 – Nobody Cycles on a Sunday

Day 42 – Nobody Cycles on a Sunday

Day 42 (June 12th)

Today is Sunday and I decided to have a lay in. There was live music in the distillery so I packed my tent up and popped inside to have a look.

The next 10 miles of my journey will see me climb 2,000ft in elevation, so I’m finding it to easy to find excuses not to go climb.

I left the distillery and went into a local bar, I needed to catch up on typing the journal but I also love sitting in small bars.

Soon enough I was in with the group and the beers were flowing! They were a brilliant bunch and even the County Commissioner was present. He offered to give me a lift up the hill but I politely declined.

We popped to the next bar and I got chatting to the girls working there. I intended to cycle up the hill in the cool of the night after sobering up, so a girl called Amalia kindly taped my torch to my helmet.

After my new torch helmet was complete I was ready to go however Amalia warned me about a storm coming in which put me right off as I’ve already experienced first hand what it’s like to be caught in a storm on a bike.

She said I could stay on her sofa to wait out the storm and head off in the morning, thank you Amalia!

Yours in cycling,


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