Day 44 – Fanks Sheridan

Day 44 – Fanks Sheridan

Day 44 (14th June)

Day 44 was a hideaway from the storm day as I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday no ma’am.

I woke up and checked out as wanted to camp instead for the night. I went for coffee and wifi and met a couple of people from last night. We ate lunch then a girl called Kimberly organised a trip with her friends to see the views up in the mountains.

When we got back I was ready to set up my tent when Kimberly and her Dad invited me to stay in their camper round the back of their house. I said yes immediately as I fancied an inflatable bed over my roll mat, her Dad Dan even turned on the heating for me!

Two days in Sheridan Montana and everyone I’ve met has been so kind to me, I’m glad the storm turned up yesterday otherwise I would have cycled straight through!

Serendipity at its finest.

Yours in cycling,


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