Day 45 – McLovin’ It

Day 45 – McLovin’ It

Day 45 (15th June)

Distance 37.5 miles

I set off for a day of headwinds today.

The more fellow cyclists I meet the more I’m told that you shouldn’t fight headwinds, you should just go with them. The problem is that they piss me off properly! If you go slow and struggle all day going up a hill at least you get the reward of being at the top of a hill. If you spend all day going slow and struggling against a headwind then there is no tangible reward, you’re being robbed!

Around lunch time I met two 60 year young blokes who were going west to east, 37 years ago they went east to west together, that is friendship levels!

I finished the day early as I just couldn’t be arsed for the two climbs to the next camp.

I sat in McDonalds all evening on $1 coffee and free wifi. A transam racer arrived and sat with me and we chatted, he’s hoping to cycle the whole route in less than 30 days. For me personally the best part of the journey is the bit when I get off the bike, so to do the whole thing strapped to the bike is a bit leave it, but these racers have a different mindset!

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