Day 58 – My Patent Pending Hat

Day 58 – My Patent Pending Hat

Day 58 (Jun 28th)

Distance 58.5 miles

Today was another hot day in Hells Canyon. I left around 6:30am and had a pass to get over straight away.

Down the other side I got the nicest huckleberry milkshake and topped up my water bottles as there is no water for the next 50 miles to Baker City boooooo.

I cycled alongside the river so dipped my shirt in there which really helps to stay cool, I also dipped my patent pending Hells Canyon hat.

The hat is essentially a hand towel I borrowed from a hotel which I tuck into the back of an Adidas baseball cap that I lawfully own. Combined these two components shade my face, the top of my head and my neck. Sometimes I amaze myself.

Later down the road I bumped into a fellow cyclist. Guess who it was…Aurel! Haha we cycled together for a bit during the early days but haven’t seen each other in over a month. It was so funny bumping into him again, he’s looking much more homeless these days with a big old beard.

I stopped for lunch and he went ahead to Baker City. On the way into town I well fancied a Chinese and as soon as I pulled in I saw a Chinese restaurant, text book.

Whilst I was eating I got on the wifi to look for the bike hostel I heard about in the town. As I opened up google a bloke walked into the restaurant and walked straight over my way. He asked if I was doing the Transamerica so I said yeah I was. He then gave me a business card for the exact same hostel I was about to search for!

You must think I make this stuff up but the universe is just on my side.

Yours in cycling,


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